Boilers at MRMS

The Molalla River School District Middle School Replacement Bond: Measure 3-606 was approved by Voters

Why does the school need replaced?

The 70-year-old Molalla River Middle School building has failing heating and plumbing systems; lacks modern security, safety, and fire suppression systems; and the building does not adequately meet current educational standards with limited space for popular vocational programs and gymnasium space for student athletes, visitors, and families.

Health & Safety

The current Molalla River Middle School has outdated fire safety, electrical, and security systems. In addition, the school’s tile flooring contains asbestos, making it difficult to access HVAC piping below the floors. Only one portion of the building is air conditioned, resulting in poor air quality conditions throughout the school during wildfire season.

Inefficient Building Systems

The 70 year-old Molalla River Middle School building has aging building systems. On several occasions in the past several years, the school has been forced to close due to failing heating and plumbing systems leaking water into classrooms and hallways. In 2019, students attended school for a week in jackets due to no functioning heating system.

Education Spaces

Molalla River Middle School lacks adequate classroom space for in-demand vocational education courses. In addition, the current school infrastrucure does not meet today’s technology demands. The school’s three gymnasiums are not large enough to meet student capacity and lack space for parents and community members to attend games or events.

School Closures

Three years ago, Molalla River Middle School students had to attend school with no heat or water in the building and in December 2023 there was no school for two days due to a critical failure with the steam heating system that caused water to leak from the ceilings.

What will the bond proceeds fund?

The approved sale of Bonds will raise $77.46 million to help fund the construction of a new Molalla River Middle School.

A Safe, Secure School

• Secure entryway and perimeter

• Security cameras and intercoms

• Fire sprinkler and alarm systems

• Improved accessibility for all to comply with ADA requirements

Efficient Building Systems

• High-efficiency HVAC with filtration to address the growing problem of fire smoke

• Modern electrical and plumbing systems

Expand Opportunities for Every Molalla Student

• Expanded Career Technical/Vocational classrooms

• Technology improvements

• Additional flexible learning spaces

• Upgraded main gym and auxiliary gym to include 3 courts

What would the approved Bond cost taxpayers?

The district estimates the $77.46 million bond, if passed, will cost property owners in the Molalla River District an additional $1.55/$1,000 assessed value. The Bond will appear on the November 2024 tax statement because the bond sale is scheduled for August and debt service will being in the tax year July 1 2024 to June 30, 2025.

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Where will the new Middle School be located?

The construction of a new middle school to be located adjacent to the existing Molalla River Middle School site. Students will be moving into the new school in the fall of 2027. Until then, they will remain in the current school.

Site plan for new middle school

What will the new Middle School look like?

Concept of new middle school CTE area

The replacement of the 70-year-old Molalla River Middle School building with a safe, secure facility to include:

  • Upgraded safety and security features such as perimeter fencing, security cameras, fire suppression systems, and ADA accessibility.

  • Expanded spaces for hands-on learning and vocational education.

  • A school with efficient building systems with electrical, plumbing, and HVAC upgrades to address air quality issues.

  • Expanded gymnasiums for student athletics and community events.

The project will also receive $6 million in grant funds from the Oregon Department of Education's OSCIM (Awesome) program.